New Style Mirrors– Unbreakable Stainless Steel Makeup Mirrors (not glass)



Mirrors are widely used in life, and they are also necessary for our makeup. Modern glass mirrors use silver plating to coat a layer of silver on the glass to form a reflective layer, which can reflect light. The biggest weakness of glass mirrors is that they are easy to break. In order to solve this problem, engineers began to study mirrors that would not break. This is a new type of mirror---stainless steel mirror. Stainless steel mirrors are made of stainless steel plates (the main model is 304), and they are polished by polishing equipment using abrasive fluid. After the surface is polished, it forms a clear mirror surface like a mirror. The stainless steel mirror surface is divided into 4 types: 6K, ordinary 8K, fine grinding 8K and 10K. The general stainless steel mirror adopts 8K luminosity. The stainless steel mirror can also be processed into colored mirrors, which is the process of vacuum plating on its surface to produce high-grade various colors of cosmetic mirrors or decorative mirrors.


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