Glow in the Dark Safety Guide Tape

SHOP NOW! GET YOURS NOW highly visible glow in the dark green light emitting all purpose tape rolls when being used on stairs, floors and walls to help you navigate safely at night. They can also be attached onto backpacks and jackets as warning signs to prevent collision against other traffic at night. Our green glow in the dark all purpose tape rolls are made with new high performance grade photoluminescent pigment material which require no power so they are very environmentally friendly and they will retain their light charge for a couple of hours in the dark when exposed to daylight or indoor light. The more light that is absorbed, the stronger and longer the glow will be in the dark.  Other than for personal and home uses, All Purpose Glow in the Dark Tape Rolls can be used in office buildings, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, factories/warehouses, traffic signage and train stations. We look forward to your industrial needs, special projects and wholesale inquiries.