Introduction to Luminescent Materials

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Luminescent Materials mean that the materials will be in an excited state after being excited by external materials such as daylight, high-energy particles, electron beams and external electric field. The excited energy will be released in the form of light and heat. If this part of energy is visible, the process is called luminescence. Luminescence is the emission of excess energy in the form of light in addition to thermal radiation. According to the intensity of light absorption, the intensity and duration of light emission are also different. The main luminescent materials are SrCO3, Dy2O3, Al2O3, Ev2O3, etc. The luminous parts of our new products are made of SrAI2O4 (SrCO3+AI2O3 mixture) which is non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-combustible.

The NFPA704 (National Fire Protection Association of USA) has determined:

SrCO3 as Fire Diamond: RED 0, BLUE1, YELLOW 0, WHITE empty.

AI2O3 as Fire Diamond: RED 0, BLUE 0, YELLOW 0, WHITE empty.

Specific details regarding SrCO3 and AI2O3, please refer to

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