Why you need to Install luminous products?

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Utilize the properties of luminescent materials to emit light at night or in the dark! We can make safety products. Glowten.com sells many luminous products for use in indoor and outdoor public places, such as: subway, airport, shopping mall, office building, factories, apartment, cinema, school, etc. In the event of a fire, there is usually a power outage and the self-luminous products will immediately emit light which will make it easy for people to find the exit and escape. Among our products, the stair anti-slip treads and the house numbers are especially suitable for installation in single houses. When the weather is bad, rain or snow, going up and down the stairs on our treads will prevent slipping and falling, and best of all, it can also glow in the dark. The self-luminous new products launched by Glowten does not require any power supply, is non-toxic, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly and safe. These new luminous products will certainly become the safety signs widely used in all kinds of places.

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